1. "whats wrong che?" ernesto inquires as mateo cleaned his area for the days work. "ha.. nothing man, just over it today" mateo keeps his head down."oh come on man, you can’t go into things with that attitude" ernesto sets down a frame and begins to make a beat with his hands and feet, "it’s all about feelings johnny boy! remember you gotta feel it!" 
    mateo continues to glum over the concept of puttying corners of pre made frames for 8 hours. perhaps its his fault, he wanted the job. ernesto has been a custom framer of fine art for 20 years, he has seen it all. needless to say ernesto is a guru of the craft. one can call him a sensei, or mr. miyagi. 

    I worked at a custom frame shop for 6 months. I learned how to be patient.



    PT. 1

    Im in San Francisco and now more than ever it feels like Im in the belly of the beast. This of course is due to a change in perspective. But wow.
    It’s 12/18/09 at 4:30 AM and Im standing in my own universe of clarity. The more I seek the more I learn. When Im alone, knowing everyone I love is asleep, my mind changes. It turns on. Everything is right, my thoughts and my opinion. Me. Solitude and silence are blissful objects. I am here, the factories of society are all around me. I cant escape this world I do not agree with. Materials, fast moments and decisions.

    Today was spent driving around consuming. It started with a 4 hour expedition to find a mattress toper then ended with fast food. I’ll add it was In and Out but still, it was American beef. After my long day of economic stimulation I went to work in the sweat shop. A mega retail store with enough fabric in it to clothe the slums of Africa. With each garment selling at $65 and an average holiday bill of $300, I stood there and rang up an estimated $10,000 or more worth of junk. On my break I consumed a sandwich with meat and produce fresh from plastic wrap. My closing hours were spent picking up and straightening everyones mess till 3 AM. Just another working man, for minimum wage.


  3. promo for an upcoming project - with us soon
    basically, its going to be a good time. 


    this video loop was curated for a uni sex bathroom at a swanky, O.C. restaurant during a LEAF art opening. LEAF installed a series of custom built B&W photos for the restaurants “vip” section, which is now a permanent fixture in the restaurant. 

    concept by: seth barnard
    video by: verde


  5. Brubeck music video


  6. Shot on medium format film with a Mamiya 645 for STONE COLD FOX. That camera is lovely. 


  7. Project for DOUG TUTTLE’s upcoming album release under Trouble In Mind Records . Video directed by myself, coming soon…

    Photo capture by SAM E



    See y’all in a week. 


  9. bathroom selfie.



    Shot on my Grandfathers medium format Rolleiflex, my first camera. This series is a work in progress, hopefully expanding until I am no longer a conscious being. These photos are presented raw, and true to the original negative.